Risk web app

Industry: Fintech

Year: 2019

Role: User Interface designer

Team: UI designer, Team by Antreem

the goal

The client is a leader in the provision, management, and operation of credit bureaus worldwide. He asked us to redesign the UI of his platform to manage projects. The tool already exists and it’s coded by windows form, so it constrained our decisions about visual design.



I started design components in order to guarantee consistency along the project. After that I redesigned few screens to have an overall view of the tool.


The icons were the core of the redesign because every screen used a huge amount of icon in order to build a visual strategy, flow, Gantt, etc. So I designed a set of icons with outlined and colored variants.

homepage on a mac
set of icons in 3 different styles
Elena Venieri
Elena Venieri

UX & UI designer, mum, avid tortellini maker, User Experience is my job and my passion! I dream of a world where complexity can be managed through creative solutions, and I give my contribution to leave the world a little better than I found it.