Show your digital business off, literally!

pink waves backgrounds with white illustrations about ux & UI design
pink waves backgrounds with white illustrations about ux & UI design
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Show your business off, literally!

Extraordinary brands require a bold, consistent and clear digital identity.

Does your digital product show where you are with your business?

Now is time to improve your business and increase audience engagement through iterative user centered design.

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Start with Aria.

To have a bold digital identity you need to know where to start.
Whether you already have an identity or you have to build it from zero, you need to know what your starting point is. What is the health of your digital product?

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Design with Dinamica.

After analysing with Aria what your strengths and weaknesses are, we design your product to match who you are and reduce the distance between your product and your target audience so that it becomes easier to buy your products.

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Make it happen with Adagio. 


Make it happen with Adagio. We bring your website online, designed with Dinamica and gets you out there selling immediately.

Simple, clear, brilliant.

Not sure what you need?

We breath your Design

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5 years

A design system that stands the test of time

PROJECTS: Account intranet Office
TYPE: Intranet
INDUSTRY: Services

three mockup of a company intranet
Slide 2

+40% access

to the care assistance service thanks to the maintenance app

PROJECTS: Diagnostic & Ticketing App
TYPE: Mobile App

Slide 3

- 25% Time-on-task

Increased task efficiency with enterprise SaaS

PROJECTS: Financial risk simulation SaaS

Mockup of the homepage of a SaaS
Slide 4

+12% ended process

A simplified and clear process allows users to get to the end of the process to buy tickets

PROJECTS: Booking app
TYPE: Mobile app
INDUSTRY: Services

three mockup of a company intranet
Slide 5

25 a day

new subscriptions to courses

PROJECTS: Learning platform
TYPE: website
INDUSTRY: Services

mockup of a learning platform
I was very impressed with the designs Paprika provided. Our tool needed a redesign and he delivered!

Géraud Jinks – CEO @ DOX

They are great with conceptual work and always delivers on time. I don’t hesitate to recommend Paprika

Tabby Bernard – DEVELOPER @ MAMOKA

Paprika has been excellent at managing the design process and planning our product’s visual direction