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Brand design

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The Goal

The client is a no-profit organization that works in Togo, especially in the medical field. He asked us to restyle his business brand. 

This includes logo, brand style guide and website

Aviat is an Italian association that has been working in Togo for several years. Its main mission is to provide health assistance to the Togolese population by sending missions of health personnel for free. Until now, the association's membership was restricted to the province, but recently the growth of the association has required a restyling of the brand in order to position itself in an international context.
aviat logo
Aviat logo white
Brand design
First the logo. We decided to mantain the same concept, but it's more readible in every size and in monocrome versione.
Website design
Aviat needs an usable and appealing website, ready to be translated in several languages. And so we did!
Elena Venieri
Elena Venieri

UX & UI designer, mum, avid tortellini maker, User Experience is my job and my passion! I dream of a world where complexity can be managed through creative solutions, and I give my contribution to leave the world a little better than I found it.