Antreem website

Industry: Web Agency

Year: 2018

Role: UX, UI

Team: Developers, UX designer, UI designer. Team by Antreem

the goal

The customers were my bosses and this is the company website. It is always difficult to design for yourself because you aim for perfection. The aim was to express the company mood: attention to the person, a young and dynamic company, straightforward content.

homepage of Antreem website



The most important part of the analysis phase was the search for competitors. Antreem is not strictly a web agency, but neither is it an IT company. Antreem deals with service design and provides a 360° service, from business analysis to development and maintenance. So I went looking for companies in the same market segment with which to compare Antreem.


We combined all the collected knowledge of co-working using a Navigation map technique. We designed the navigation map of the as-is service. We know that the rules for designing good navigation are:

  • Prioritize consistency
  • Design clear interactions
  • Avoid deep navigation
  • Design for responsive compatibility

We decided to focus on clear interaction and designed mobile-first.

Discover. Design. Deliver



After designing the wireframes of the templates for the homepage and internal pages, we designed a moodboard and a colour palette. After that, special attention was given to the copy, illustrations and icon set.


From the design of the website came the updating of the entire company brand identity and consequently the brand book.

antreem logo animation
Antreem service layout
Antreem approach layout
Antreem Manifesto layout
a slider with people of antreem
Antreem community behaviours
hiring talents illustration
Elena Venieri
Elena Venieri

UX & UI designer, mum, avid tortellini maker, User Experience is my job and my passion! I dream of a world where complexity can be managed through creative solutions, and I give my contribution to leave the world a little better than I found it.